Hazrat Syed Muhammad Jilani Ashraf

Sheikh-e-Tariqat Hazrat Syed Muhammad Jilani Ashraf was born on 4 July 1946 (1365 AH) in the illustrious city of Kichhauchha Sharif, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is the son of the well respected Hazrat Syed Muhamid Ashraf رحمت اللہ علیہ and grandson of the highly revered Hazrat Muhaddith-e-Azam-e-Hind رحمت اللہ علیہ.

The blessed Ashrafiya family can trace their lineage back to the great reformer and revivalist of the 8th Century (Hijri), Hazrat Syed Ashraf Jahngir Samnani رحمت اللہ علیہ, born in 707 AH. Over the past several hundred years, the family have left a legacy of delivering spiritual and ethical services at a global level.